Booma Fat Garment Limited | 寶馬發製衣有限公司

About us

Who we are

Booma Fat Garment Limited is a development, sourcing and manufacturing company that believes in integrity and responsibility. From the beginning in 1981 our focus has always been on quality and delivery. We have maintained a strong and stable team of merchandisers and account executives who are able fully to understand and anticipate your specific needs.

From the development stage, delivery of raw materials to final packaging and shipment, Booma Fat is committed to provide the best in terms of quality, security and expertise with each product. To take up this challenge, we have set up production lines based on your capacity requirements, high productivity factors and strict quality controls at each step of the production.

Being located in Hong Kong, Booma Fat is able to offer you the flexibility to successfully develop, source and manufacture all your apparel needs. Hong Kong is our one point contact so that we will be able to update you on status of development, sourcing and manufacturing.


從發展階段, 材料到最後的包裝出貨,寶馬發致力提供最好的質量和專業知識 。我們已經建立了穩固的工廠來迎合客人需求,高生產速度,嚴格的質量控制在生產的每一步生產線。